We Are CoffeeBottle

We see a future whereby online communication is just as valuable as offline communication. We are already prepared for this. CoffeeBottle stands for creating a non-tangible product. Our bottle is always half full and transparency is our main priority. And finally, every good idea starts with coffee, right?

CoffeeBottle Founded

December 2015

Rino de Boer and Tom Lulofs began gaining additional clients and projects through their popular YouTube channel, HoeGaatDat, in 2014. Resulting in the establishment of CoffeeBottle.


October 2015

This was the next step for CoffeeBottle. Our own private space to work, resulting in more employees and enabling us to work on bigger projects and work with more clients. 

Business Expansion

February 2016

As a result of more employees and gaining more clients. We needed to expand our office in order to host meetings and create recordings.

Switch to Marketing

January 2018

After several years of focusing on providing channel branding on YouTube, we wanted to change our focus. Our aim changed to assisting companies in generating more customers through well thought out marketing strategies.

We’ve enjoyed working with companies such as…